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Larry Rowbs Foundation

Welcome to the Larry Rowbs Foundation! An NGO that has been endorsed by the Christian Ministry Alliance with a mission to help clean up the textile industry and clean up the environment.

Our mission is to build a clothing recycling station in Uganda to help boost the economy, clean up the environment, and raise the quality of life.

We are based in Uganda, where millions of tonnes of clothes and apparel are donated and 70% of it ending up in landfills or polluting the African environment. We plan to build a recycling facility in Uganda - where we can recycle these textiles into new clothing, create jobs, boost the local economy, and produce new quality clothing made from recycled/sustainable materials.

Our plan for building our facility is expected to take roughly around 5-7 years, however - we need the funds to do so! We know we have big goals, but we have to start somewhere. Our initial goal of $10,000 from donations will allow us to finish the studies we have started as well as selling clothes from recycled/sustainable sources to help fund our initiative.

We have a growing team of volunteers with the knowledge and drive to push our organization to the next level. Our founders are:


Larry Rowbs - 10 years experience in the fashion industry, masters in international trade and bachelors in economics, fashion designer, and an entrepreneur.


Lin Sheppard - 54 years as a successful businessman who has run a number of businesses and who holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Travis Robbins - 7 years of team management experience, service in the Marine Corps and founder of business scaling startup Pains To Profits.


We also are recommended by The Christian Ministry Alliance - A registered 501(c)(3) Corporation with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service

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